Mei Lan and a New Enrichment Item
Date: 2015-01-29

On a sunny morning, before releasing Mei Lan into the yard, the breeder prepared a new enrichment item for him. The object was a clean grapefruit smeared with a little honey on its surface. Let’s see what Mei Lan would do with it.


Mei Lan: Eh, what is that? I did not see it yesterday.


Mei Lan: It doesn’t move. Let me have a closer look.


Mei Lan, Eh, I smell honey. Where is it coming from?


Mei Lan: Oh, here it is! Mmm, it smells good.


Mei Lan: But I don’t know what it is, and it must have beeen left by a careless person. So, I had better eat my bamboo.


Mei Lan: Bamboo tastes good all the same…


The breeder prepared this enrichment for Mei Lan with enthusiasm, but it has been ignored by Mei Lan. The breeder is very sad.






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