Xingmei and Qiaoqiao in the spring
Date: 2015-04-02

Spring approaches quietly when the lunar new year is going away further and further. Everything begins to grow in spring. Xingmei and Qiaoqiao also begin their mission of “making plans for the year in the spring”. When they are out, they are most likely playing with each other. Let’s look at the pictures to see how they have been lately.


Qiaoqiao whispers to Xingmei :“Xingmei, what a sunny day. Let’s have some fighting fun!”


“Do you think I am a fool? You are so strong, there is no way I fight you. I am so grateful that you leave me alone in daily life. I’d better get away from you!” Xingmei replies.



Qiaoqiao: Doesn’t Mommy always tell us to exercise? Look at me, there is a reason that I become this strong to bully you. Nobody lives like you just eating and sitting around all day long. Get here, and let’s do some exercises!


Xingmei: No way, I better run! Mommy, hurry up and open the door, or Qiaoqiao will force me to exercise!
Qiaoqiao: Just now I told you to exercise, and now you are running away. Where are you going? You think you can get away from me? Get back here!


Xingmei: What time is it now, Qiaoqiao? Shouldn’t we be eating steamed corn bread now?


Qiaoqiao: You don’t say! I am kind of hungry after the exercise. Mommy, we want to have steamed corn bread.


Xingmei and Qiaoqiao: Hey, we’re busy having steamed corn bread! Cannot talk now, see you later!




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