Yuanzhou, Are You A Human Being?
Date: 2015-04-08


Hello everyone! The glass behind me has already exposed my identity. Haha, I’m Yuanzhou.
This is my “ID photo” taken by my nanny, and it is perfect, right?
That’s because I look perfect from all angles.


My nanny said she has been thinking about one thing these days.“Yuanzhou, are you a human being?” I asked her why. She gave me some of examples of why I might be a human:


First is this photo. One beautiful morning, nanny brought delicious steamed corn bread, and I stood up easily to get the bread and her praise.


As a matter of fact, I occasionally “disown all my relatives and friends” for steamed corn bread. So don’t blame me, my brothers.


A few days later, I thought nanny brought the delicious steamed corn bread, and I stood up easily again for a minute I saw no bread but nanny’s open mouth which was slightly smaller than the bread. My silly nanny, it’s nothing to be surprised.




Just like that, I surprise my nanny day by day.
Nanny: Yuanzhou, after midnight do you go to work as a human?


Yuanzhou: Hmmm, don’t joke about me, I’m a real panda. Nanny, please don’t act like you have seen little of the world, I could not bear the thoughts of leaving my delicious corn bread.





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