Spring is a Good Season to Take a Bath
Date: 2015-04-10

Yuanzhou and Jiaoqing wish everyone a happy new year and may all be well with you. We are in Shenzhen where spring is in the air.
Yuanzhou: Hey, buddy, everyday all we do is eat and sleep. Let’s do something different today.
Jiaoqing: What do you want to do?
Yuanzhou: Since it’s a beautiful spring day, why don’t we take a bath.


Yuanzhou: Let me test the temperature of the water first.


Yuanzhou: Ooh, not so cool. Give me some time to adjust to it.


Yuanzhou: Hey, buddy, come on. It feels good.
Jiaoqing: Just a minute, I need some warm-up exercises.




Yuanzhou: Ah, this feels so good! Spring is my favorite season.


Jiaoqing: Ok, I’m ready. Hey, Yuanzhou, make some room for me. I’m coming.



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