Expressing Love
Date: 2015-04-14

xxx: Hello everyone. Guess who we are?
Nanny: Yuanzhou, Jiaoqing, it’s time for steamed corn bread!
Yuanzhou, Jiaoqing: We are coming.


Nanny: Here, let’s say hi to everybody first. Smile
Yuanzhou, where are you looking? The steamed corn bread is on the way now!


Yuanzhou: Ok
Jiaoqing: where is steamed corn bread? I need steamed corn bread.
Nanny: (frown) Just for once can you two look at the camera together?


Yuanzhou: Yum yum, steamed corn bread is my favorite.
Don’t you think it is yummy, Jiaoqing? Why are there so many steamed corn bread crumbs on your paws?
Come here, let me lick them off for you!

After awhile.


Nanny: What’s going on? How come you two are wrestling together, to make a taiji symbol?
Yuanzhou: He refuses to let me lickis paws.
Jiaoqing: But he insists on doing it!
Nanny: You shouldn’t solve the problem by force anyway. Now the crumbs are gone, come here and have some bamboo.


Jiaoqing: Hmmm
Yuanzhou: Hey, Jiaoqing, the bamboo leaves in your hands seem tasty. I want them!
Jiaoqing: Here, take it.


Yuanzhou: This tastes good too! Here, take it!
Nanny: That’s right! It is nice to see you two getting along.


Jiaoqing: It does taste good. Give it to me.
Yuanzhou: I haven’t had enough yet. Let go.
Nanny: ...


Nanny: Ultimately, the two wrestle again.


In the courtyard, Yuanzhou and Jiaoqing eat bamboo leaves side by side and wait for the steamed corn bread together every day. Of course, it is also a common thing that Yuanzhou teases Jiaoqing and Jiaoqing chases after Yuanzhou in the courtyard. They fight not because they hate each other; perhaps, this is their way of expressing love in the course of growing up together.



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