Shuang Xin and Shuang Xi Look for Bamboo Shoots
Date: 2015-04-17

As spring arrives, bamboo shoots begin emerging from the ground! At this time, the Shanghai Zoo provides the giant panda’s favorite food to Shuang Xin and Shuang Xi.


In order to exercise Shuang Xin’s and Shuang Xi’s foraging abilities, the breeder puts bamboo shoots on the stone instead of giving the shoots to them directly. This makes for good enrichment for the two sisters.
The breeder: “Shuang Xin, Shuang Xi, come and eat bamboo shoots!”


Shuang Xin: “I seem to smell the bamboo shoots. Where are you bamboo shoots? I’m looking for you, looking for you…”


Shuang Xin: “Found it! Jump into Shuang Xin’s mouth!”


Chomp, chomp, chomp… Delicious bamboo shoots!


Where is Shuang Xi? She is happily eating bamboo lying on the wooden shelf .
Shuang Xi: “ Sis? She must be eating something delicious there. I will go to have a look!”


Shuang Xi: “Ah, bamboo shoots!”


Shuang Xi: “Bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, I’m coming!”


Shuang Xi: “Eh? Only peel left, where are bamboo shoots? Why are there no bamboo shoots? I feel so bad! Wah wah wah…”


Shuang Xin: “Sis next time it will be your turn to eat bamboo shoots. Do not be upset!”




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