Tree-climbing Skills Competition--Giant Panda against Red Panda
Date: 2015-05-21

It is well known that the giant panda is a tree climbing master and the red panda is a spirit walking in the trees. So who is better at climbing trees? Let’s try to answer this question by examining their different postures on the tree.


Ah! What? It is said we are going to compete with red panda on tree-climbing skills? Okay, let’s go and have a look.


Let me show you first. How about this? I can climb a stout tree. I think a red panda is too naïve to compete with a giant panda. I’ll stay here in this position, and you can keep on watching.


Haha! I have arrived at the second big branch of this young tree. You see, I’m quite good at it. Ah hahaha! (Ahem, a little bit tired though…)


Time for me to take a nap. Huh, the red panda can catch up with me? I can even sleep here (making a face with the tongue hanging out).


Let me take a peek. Eeek, where is the red panda? I think it is too scared to compete. Let me show you my super cute sleeping posture.


Ah hey! I can even play “horizontal bar” like this. Red panda, you are no match to me.


Suddenly, the red panda gracefully came down from the top of the tree and whispered, “I’m not bothered by you, you black and white Fatso”.


The red panda just lay down on a log and went soundly to sleep.


Ah!? He was actually at the unreachable top of the tree… Is this the legendry “Qinggong”? “Mom! I need to lose weight! I’ll regret in May for my laziness in April. I want to briskly climb trees.”


Author: But the chubby and clumsily climbing panda is what you really are.


During this beautiful spring, this article is dedicated to the lovely black and white Chubby and also the cool red Spirit.




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