Shuangxin’s And Shuangxi’s New Slide
Date: 2015-05-25


With spring coming, Shanghai Zoo made a new slide for the two sisters, Shuangxin and Shuangxi.


Shuangxin and Shuangxi love the new slide very much, and it seems that the bamboo shoots become especially delicious when eating on the slide! Shuangxin: “Sister, how could you start eating already, wait for me!”


Shuangxi: “Come on, Sister! Let’s eat together.”


Let’s play on the slide after the meal! Chuu!


Sliding down backwards.


Shuangxin and Shuangxi vie with each other for the slide, and sometimes a “little war” ensues.Shuangxin: “Sister, I will push you!”


Shuangxi: “Sister, where are you going? I’m coming.”


Shuangxin and Shuangxi play happily on the slide, and when they get tired, they sit on the slide and eat bamboo while talking about panda life. What a beautiful life!




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