Environmental Enrichment for Giant Pandas in Captivity
Date: 2016-10-20

  Environmental enrichment means decorate the physical environment where the captive animals are, change the quality of the space, increase the biological functions and decorations, which helps captive animals to raise the greatest probability of getting benefits. Usually, environmental enrichment is a dynamic working procedure, which means through constructing and changing the environment of captive animals, we make them show their ordinary behaviors, and provide more develop chances on behavioral development.


The bucket is an example of environmental enrichment.


  To keep it simple, panda’s environmental enrichment is to adjust closely with the life habits of pandas and diversify their home. It will be different than their regular life habits and let the pandas reveal their natural behaviors, which can avoid stereotypical behavior.


Wooden horse, balls are part of the environmental enrichment.


  Environmental enrichment includes designing their home, behavior training, and stimulating odors, increasing methods of entertainment and changing ways to provide food. Pandas are really into food, and, for them, changing the methods of providing food is one of the most important way. For example, hiding the food in a corner of the playground increases the difficulty in finding food. During environmental enrichment, pandas can release their energy, work their minds, and exert themselves fully.


The breeder hides the apple inside of the pool which took Xi Lan a long time to find it.


Iced apples stay fresh and are a relief from the summer heat and take more time to eat.


  In 1925, Robert Yerkes discovered that providing playgrounds for captive primates can improve the animals’ condition. At that time, people had already realized the importance of environmental enrichment and that is the prototype of this concept. Nowadays, most panda mechanisms have developed around environmental enrichment to provide a cozy atmosphere for pandas. If you see any strange equipment outside, it maybe a piece of environmental enrichment equipment.




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