The Greatest Love
Date: 2016-10-27

  There is no doubt that the greatest love in the world is mother’s love. How unfortunateif a new-born baby cannot enjoy mother’s care after birth! As for panda cubs, their lives may go to the end without mother’s love.



The panda mother’s love hasn’t been stop since the baby was born


  Although panda mothers’ energy are almost out of use after about one month reducing the food intake, they still want to the baby live with hope and bravery as they see the new-born babies. Actually, the babies’ organs are immature and their weight is only 1/1000 of their mother’s. They are premature and their furs are scarce so they can't live without mothers’ care. Besides, mothers need to lick babies all the time in order to keep them alive (Mother’s lick is good for babies such as promoting the blood circulation, keeping them warm, helping them to defecate, speeding up their growth and so on.). As a result, panda mothers can't go out to seek for food and sleep well, which will consume their energy. Days like that will last over one month. How great the mother’s love it is!



Nothing could be happier than going to sleep in mother’s arms with breast milk!


  If a female panda give birth to twins in the wild, she may try to hold both of them up by instinct. If one of them feel uncomfortable in an inappropriate pose, it may cry. Hearing the cry, the mother will adjust her pose to make baby feel comfortable. Although mother pay much attention to them, babies may still fall down. When babies leave their mother for a long time, their body temperature will go down, and their cry would become weaker and even disappear. But mother couldn’t hear the cry when she is exhausted.She think that the baby maybe is sleeping. According to the natural rule of“survival the fittest”, the weaker one may unfortunately die after falling down several times. After that, the mother give all her love to the fitness in case that she will lose the second baby because of her lack of ability. In captivity, female pandas can take care of the babies even not hers. It may be that the mother can't forget the unfitness. How precious the mother love is!



Cubs defecate and suck breast milk with the keeper’s help


  When captive pandas give birth to twins, they can keep both of them alive with keepers’ help. The keepers will hand-rear one in the incubator.The other one care by mother panda. Keepers will exchange them after a period of time so that both of them can be cared by their mother. Although keepers make a lot of effort, they are still just assistants. It is mostly depending on panda mother’s effort that whether babies can be survived or not. Because mother panda is irreplaceable.



It’s so happy that growing up with brothers and in mother’s arms


  Till now, only one captive mother panda (named Mei Mei) can take care her twins at birth.It’s hard to imagine that how much she paid.


We can always play carefreely because mother is here




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