Pandas are Very Active in Winter!
Date: 2016-11-04

  Most animals prefer residing in a warm place and living in a balanced climate. As we know, most animals hibernate during the winter; However, pandas are different from those animals.


  In fact, pandas do not need to hibernate, they are very active during cold weather. After a long period of observation, scientists discovered that although the temperature is low, pandas still can move freely and sleep on snow-covered bamboo. Another important reason is the main food for pandas is bamboo, and bamboo will still grow during the winter. Therefore, they do not need to hibernate and conserve the food they have eaten over the cold winter.


  Pandas also like to live in a moist climate, which means a high humidity level, up to 80% is the best. They also love water; they always want to drink water and play in the water. When they feel hot, they will jump into the water and bathe there.


  People do not fully understand and question why pandas are used to humid and cold weather, but do not like hot weather. This is because the covering hair of giant pandas are exceptionally thick. Although their hair looks soft and smooth, their furs’texture is actually hard and thick. A grown-up panda’s fur can grow up to 10cm, and inside of their fur exists a thick layer of loose foam medulla, which is a very good material for insulation. On top of that, pandas have a thick layer of fur that includes oils to keep their hair dry. Except its fur, the ears also make it possible for them to survive in cold weather. Panda ears are big and black, which aid in reducing heat loss.


  In most places where pandas live, there are two water pools. One is small and one is big. The small one is for pandas to drink water, and the bigger one is for them to take baths.


  Many visitors would assume during cold weathers pandas will not be active. However, because of the unique habit of pandas, they are also active during winter. Therefore, winter is a fantastic time to visit pandas.









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