Envoy of China and Spain Xing Bao’s Glorious Return
Date: 2019-01-16

September 28, 2017 was an exciting day. The giant panda “Xing Bao”, born in Madrid, Spain and lived there for 4 years, returned to its hometown, Chengdu, Sichuan.


“Xing Bao” at a Younger Age


“Xing Bao” is a male giant panda, born on August 30, 2013. He is lively and charming, and has been loved by all the Spanish people since his birth. His name “Xing Bao”, voted by the netizen means the treasure of Madrid in Spain. Shortly after his birth, he received the kind visit of Sofia, Queen of Spain.


According to the relevant policies and agreements of the international research cooperation on giant panda conservation, the giant pandas born overseas should return to China before sexual maturity, so China and Spain decided that “Xing Bao” should back to his hometown Chengdu on September 26, 2017.


In order to welcome “Xing Bao” home, and let more tourists know about “Xing Bao”, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding arranged a long “Sino-Spain Panda Stories Exhibition Gallery” in the Base, a Cartoon Mannequin Plate customized according to the image of “Xing Bao” and a Display Board for growth stories of “Xing Bao”.


Display Board for Growth Stories of “Xing Bao”


“Xing Bao” on the way home did not show a trace of agitation, and changed his usual lively character, quietly waiting for the hometown people.


Spanish Keepers Escorting “Xing Bao” Boarding


“Xing Bao” Waiting Quietly 


In the afternoon, a special plane slowly landed at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. The special vehicle for “Xing Bao” waiting here early, prepared “Xing Bao” for the last journey home.


The Special Vehicle for “Xing Bao”


After an hour's journey, “Xing Bao” finally returned to his home Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. The waiting staffs escorted him from the special vehicle to the quarantine hall carefully.


Escorting “Xing Bao” to the Quarantine Hall


Let’s wish “Xing Bao” a happy life after his return.






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