Leisure life at Panda Valley
Date: 2019-01-29

On January 12, 2018, after two years of living at Panda Valley in Dujiangyan, “Oreo”, “Miao Miao” and “Yuan Run” came back to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Time flies! On December 30, 2015 when they moved to Panda Valley from the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, all the people were so worried about their stay in Dujiangyan, but they were quite calm. Since then, they tried to adapt to the life there. Two years passed by, they all have grown up!


Since “Oreo”, “Miao Miao” and “Yuan Run” moved to Panda Valley, their fans also switched place accordingly and visited them in Dujiangyan. Fans and panda keepers witnessed every step of their growth at Panda Valley. For example, “Oreo”, “Miao Miao” and “Yuan Run” spent their four-year-old and five-year-old birthday at Panda Valley.



The Daily Life of “Oreo”, “Miao Miao” and “Yuan Run”, Eating, Sleeping and Posing




Oreo’s 5-year-old birthday party: Many panda fans came to visit him and he was surrounded by fresh bamboos.  


  In those days, the most active time of “Oreo”, “Miao Miao” and “Yuan Run” was the feeding time outside. Before feeding, “Oreo” would shoulder the heavy responsibility of big brother, patrolling in the playground. In the meanwhile, “Miao Miao” and “Yuan Run” were sleeping on their wooden bed most of the time.


“Miao Miao” and “Yuan Run” Sleeping Together


“Oreo” Patrolling in the Playground


  Around 10 o’clock in the morning, the keeper came with bamboo stick and panda breads. After arriving at the playground, the keeper would put the panda breads on the bamboo stick and call the three pandas.


 ”Yuan Run” : What? Feeding time?


“Yuan Run”: Can I believe my ears? It’s so sad!  


“Yuan Run” : No! It’s panda keeper’s voice! Feeding time is coming! “Miao Miao”, Get up! Hurry!


Neglecting the keeper’s calling, princess “Miao Miao” was still sleeping. 


After hearing the keeper’s calling, “Yuan Run” climbed down the wooden frame slowly.




“Run Run” Standing Still


“Yuan Run”: Wow...Yummy!


  After feeding “Yuan Run”, the keeper went along the outdoor playground with the bamboo stick, ready to feed “Oreo”. “Oreo” was very active, and ran to the keeper when it heard the calling.



Nice Apple!


“‘Miao Miao’ is getting up!” One visitor pleasantly reminded the keeper. After hearing this, the keeper hurriedly ran to the playground of “Miao Miao” with his bamboo stick. But “Miao Miao” was like a little princess, walked so proudly and slowly when she heard the keeper’s calling. The keeper leaned against the fence and waited for her with the prepared food patiently.


Miao Miao was enjoying the food.


What a leisure time they had at Panda Valley! Now they has grown up healthily day by day, I sincerely wish them a peaceful and prosperous life, pure and happy, always!




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