Visit Pandas in Mellow Spring
Date: 2019-03-01

After the Spring Festival, the weather in Chengdu is getting warmer. Flowers blossom, sunny every day. This is the right time to visit giant pandas!


Morning is always the best time to visit pandas, because they usually get up early, while the keepers will earlier clean the outdoor playground and prepare fresh and tasty food for them.





Pandas are very busy eating in the early morning.
(Mei Huan, Zhi Zhi, Ya Li and Cheng Da from the top in turn)


Why are they all alone? Are there any pandas eating together? Yes, of course! At No. 2 House for Giant Pandas, three giant pandas are already having breakfast although it’s before 8:30 a.m. Because it’s very early, there are only a few visitors. Besides the chirping of birds, only the sounds of pandas eating bamboos are left. With the fragrance of bamboo leaves, how comfortable it is!


Qing Da, Qing Xiao and Xiao Ni 


How to scratch during eating? The panda mom Yuan Yuan living in the Moonlight Delivery House has a way. Long legs are invincible!


Yuan Yuan in Scratching


What will the pandas do after breakfast? In fact, there are various activities, dazing, acting cute, meditating, or sleeping.


Zhao Mei’s Amazing Beauty!



The child Qing Qing born in 2017 from the Moonlight Delivery House, after the breakfast, acts cute a little bit earlier but falls asleep soon. How cute it is! 


Mom Qing He in Meditation after the Breakfast 


Yuan Run Lying on His Stomach with No Normal Appearance


Some others hide as soon as the sun rises. Ya Zhu in the Sunshine Delivery House is one of them. At 10 a.m., she hides at the top of the tree to avoid the sunstroke, surrounded by lush leaves. It's not easy to find her without careful observation.


Little Cute Ya Zhu


In summary, firstly you’d better set out earlier, from which you’ll avoid crowds and appreciate the active pandas. Secondly you need to observe carefully, for the outdoor playground is very large, and it’s really hard to find them. Finally, please do not feed them and keep quiet.





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