My Name Is Da Mei, the Great Beauty
Date: 2019-03-12

 “I was born on June 27, 2017. My mom is Cheng Da and my dad is Mei Lan, a returned handsome man. I also have a twin brother named Cheng Lan. When you see my mom's and dad's names, you must know how my brother and I got our names. Is that really the case? If you dogmatically believe that our names are just the inversions of our parents’, you must be wrong. I think the keepers were very thoughtful, for they foresaw my beauty and knew that I would be a beautiful panda sooner or later, so they named me Da Mei—the great beauty! Hee hee!”


“Da Mei”: Am I beautiful?


“I was born with 128.2g, which is the standard weight of a baby panda, and my whole body was pink and full of cuteness.”


“Da Mei”: My baby pink body!


“Although my mom Cheng Da is being a mom for the first time, she is definitely a qualified new mom and takes good care of me and my brother. My brother and I have grown up well and healthy under the care of my mom and keepers. Soon we had the black and white hair and our weight were rising!”


“Da Mei”: Mom's arms are warm!


“Da Mei”: I'm getting black!


“All my hair had grown out when I was 2 or 3 months old! The new hair, not very smooth and soft, but was a different kind of beauty. I could not walk then, and I slept all day in a wooden house. Many people came around to see me every day, and hoped to hold me in their arms.”


“Da Mei”: Please call me — “Da Smart Mei”!


“When I was a little older, keepers took me to the playground. More and more people were attracted by me and reluctant to leave for a very long time.”


“Da Mei”: How comfortable to be out in the sun is!


“Da Mei”: Take me to my fans!


“Gradually I learned to walk, and also began to learn to climb trees. I was curious about everything. I liked to play with flowers and plants. The keepers prepared lots of toys for us. When we felt tired, we lied and slept on the wooden support. I can hear everyone's praise in my dream.”


“Da Mei”: The wooden frame is my stage!


“Da Mei”: Come and play with me, little tree!


“I have been getting better and better in appearance and skills when I was 5 months old. Every day I would happily play on the playground, destroy small trees, and climb big trees. Sometimes I jumped up and down, and sometimes “bully” the flowers and my brother. My fans were all amazed by my appearance and skills. They would cheer for me when I was climbing a tree. Ha ha, now I climb trees more and more skilled. Sooner or later, I will conquer all the trees on the playground!”


“Da Mei”: I’m a tree killer!


“Da Mei”: I'm a tree climber too!


“Da Mei”: I'm going to be a real beauty! Hee hee!


“Remember me, please! My name is Da Mei, the great beauty! Now, do you think this name suits me well?”




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