The Three Big Wheels of the Sunshine Delivery House
Date: 2019-03-19

“Jing Liang”, “Ni Ke” and “Ni Na”, born in the Sunshine Delivery House of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in 2017, are affectionately called “the three big wheels of the Sunshine Delivery House” by the keepers. They play freely and climb trees on the playground every day. Now, let’s go to see these three lively babies! 


As the big brother in the Sunshine Delivery House, “Jing Liang” is lively and active. He was the first one who learned how to climb trees and now he likes posing on the tree.





“Jing Liang” in the Tree 


“Ni Ke” and “Ni Na” are twin siblings. Their mother “Ni Ni” is the one who once broke the frame badly in a live broadcast. “Ni Ke” and “Ni Na” are both roundish and slow. “Ni Ke” is much like the “Flash” in the movie Zootopia.


“Ni Ke” vs “Flash” 


The twins are only 10 days younger than “Jing Liang”, but because of their slow personality, when the big brother “Jing Liang” climb trees, they can only play on the ground.


“Ni Ke”


“Ni Na” 


After viewing so many photos, I found that they really like to pose against little trees for photos. Whatever, they are so cute. Everything is just fine.


“Jing Liang” 



“Ni Ke”


“Ni Na”


From Left in turn: “Jing Liang” “Ni Ke” and “Ni Na”


After viewing so many pictures of the three baby pandas, can you distinguish them now? “Jing Liang” has long and slender body, oval rims which narrow at the corner. He is very smart. If you see a baby panda in the Sunshine Kindergarten is always bullying other babies, it should be “Jing Liang”. “Ni Ke” and “Ni Na” are wide and flat, with big head and outward rims. Both brother's and sister's feet have large areas of white fur, like wearing white socks. In addition, Ni Ke's left front paw has a little bit of white fur, so it's easy to tell the difference between the twins. These are the important marks to distinguish the pandas in the Sunshine Delivery House. Go and practice it yourself now!






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