Little Beauty “Ji Lan”
Date: 2019-04-17

Hello, everybody. My name is Ji Lan, and my mother is Ji Li. I have a twin brother Ji Mei. I’m a girl and only 68.5g when I was born. However, I’m very healthy and strong now under the meticulous care of my mother and the keepers.


“Ji Lan”


“Ji Mei”


Great Difference in Size between “Ji Lan” and Her Brother at Birth


Although “Ji Li” was a first-time mother, she was definitely a qualified new mother. From the two babies, “Ji Mei” and ”Ji Lan” who have long occupied the Moonlight Delivery House's fattest and second fattest positions, you’ll know how qualified the mother is.



“Ji Li” Holding “Ji Lan”



The Two-month “Ji Lan”, a Black-white “Tarepanda”




“Ji Lan” is able to go to the outdoor space for exploration


Over one year old, she lived with her mother “Ji Li” and brother “Ji Mei”. In addition to breast milk, the two children would also eat some bamboo shoots and leaves. Big brother Ji Mei is more lively, and loves to “pick a fight” with “Ji Lan”. When the two little guys “fight”, “Ji Li” would rest aside. “Ji Lan” usually prefers to sleep on the rockery, being a quiet beauty.


The left is “Ji Lan”, the right “Ji Mei”




“Ji Mei” and “Ji Lan” in the “fighting”


“Ji Li” snatches a moment of leisure




“Ji Lan” likes to sleep on the rockery


Sometimes “Ji Lan” would also like to explore the wooden frame, but while playing, she fell asleep again.




“Ji Lan” Sleeping on a Wooden Frame


Do you now remember what “Ji Lan” looks like? When you visit Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding next time, look around and see if you can recognize which one is “Ji Lan”.





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