A Comparative Map of the Raccoon and the Red Panda
Date: 2019-04-23

“Hei! Raccoon!”



The raccoon:”Er? Did you call me?”


The red panda: ”Er? Did you call me?”



Huh? I was confused by humans. Isn't a raccoon always me? Don't I always exist in North America? When was the red panda called a raccoon?


In fact, there's a big difference between the two animals


Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens) , is found around the Himalayas in Asia. It is alpine animal, and feeds on bamboo.It is also called "red panda" or "Firefox" because of their red fur. In English, the word "firefox" refers to it. It is also quite different from the raccoon for the panda has a polka "eyebrow," a wide face, a short mouth, and wide-white-triangle ears. It walks slowly with its short legs.


Raccoon(Procyon lotor), is native to America, but has invaded regions such as Europe and Japan as alien invasive species. As a typical urban wild animal, it is daring and omnivorous, who favorites to go through the trash can. It is also a feral predator who steals chickens and beats up dogs. Several endangered cranes have been killed by raccoons at the whooping crane conservation site in Wisconsin. Accordingly, hunters have to be hired to clean up raccoons and power grid have to be build up.


The racoon is shifty-eyed, with a pointed nose and a thin mouth. Its eyes are covered with a black mask, which makes it look like a masked pirate.


It is with a long, thin limbs, and a particularly flexible forepaw. What’s obvious is that the raccoon's ears are small and sharp. Compared with the panda, the racoon’s temperament is not the same, for it is more like a “hooligan”.



Hands up. look, our fingers are different;
our eyes are different;
our fur is different;
our heads are different;
and our eyebrows are different too.


Raccoons have pirate eyeglasses

Red pandas eye sockets are like the giant pandas’




Emmmmm... Specifically, a little more figuratively, the red panda’s eyebrow is on the left and a raccoon’s eyebrow is on the right.


The red panda has nine brown rings on its tail.

Raccoon don't have nine rings, and the color of which are black



With these basic features in mind, you can tell the difference between the red panda and the raccoon.


So kong fu panda's master ~~ I ~~ is a "red panda"! Can you tell the difference now?


A raccoon is a raccoon, a red panda is a red panda. A red panda is not a giant panda, and a baby panda is not a red panda. Have you learned this tongue twister? Don't make mistake next time!




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