Hi, “Kiwi”
Date: 2019-06-25

In the summer of 2017, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding “harvested” lots of newborn giant pandas which look like rats. At the same time, it was heard that red pandas gave birth to their babies which look like kiwi.


When it comes to a red panda, we may image the Master Shifu who always murmurs “inner peace” in Kung Fu Panda.


Master Shifu in Kung Fu Panda


But when we saw red panda’s new born babies, most of us may be shocked–it must be a large kiwi other than a red panda! When it turned around, we found that it is totally different with Master Shifu in the film.


“Kiwi” is here!


“Kiwi”: Who nicknamed me? I’m several times larger than a kiwi!


“Kiwi”: Look! Do kiwi have a tail?


“Kiwi”: I’m not a kiwi! I’m a red panda baby!


“Kiwi”: Look! Not a kiwi!


“Kiwi”: Look at me clearly. This is my true colors!


This 2-month-old red panda baby is huddling up like a large kiwi. Its body is covered with taupe fur, dense but not long yet. It could be recognized as a red panda from its facial markings. The striking ears are not developed yet, and its tail is short and thin, wiggling now and then, seeming that the little one is learning to control this important balance “prop”. In China, red panda has a local name which differs from their cute appearances–“Jiu Jie Lang” (九节狼, nine-section wolf) for its special “prop”. “Nine sections” mean the stripes on the red panda’s shaggy tail. In fact, the red panda baby has no markings on the face and tail until 15 to 20 days after birth.


Markings of One-month-old Red Panda


Nine Stripes on Red Panda’s Tail


Red panda babies have taupe fur which makes them look pretty like kiwi, but they would be “colored” with rufous fur and get their iconic markings about 90 days. At that time, they wouldn’t be called “kiwi” anymore!


I’m actually the Master Shifu!





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