An Active Boy and a Gentle Girl
Date: 2019-07-10

 Le Shui(or Yuan Xiao), is a 12-year-old boy, who has left Chengdu Panda Base to Qingdao Zoo for about three and a half years. Bei Bei, Le Shui’s neighbor in Qingdao Zoo, a 10-year-old girl, has lived in Qingdao Zoo for four years. Living in the same zoo, they have exhibited totally different characteristics to the tourists there: one is active; the other is gentle.


As a boy, Le Shui is active whenever tourists come. For example, he always climbs the tree, plays with bees, eats bamboos and the like. When sleeping, he even tends to choose a place where tourists can see him.


Tourists: Hi, panda.
Le Shui: Woooow! Waite a moment, my dear fans. Let me climb down the tree to meet you.


Le Shui: Hi, everybody. Look, I can play the tire.


Le Shui: I can drink water.


Le Shui: I can take a bath.


Le Shui: I can even stand up if my nanny feeds apple to me.


Le Shui: Sorry, I’m a bit tired now.


Le Shui: But tourists can see me sleeping in this pose!


Le Shui: OK, I’m trying… ZZZzz…


As for Bei Bei, you can see any traits of lady on her: good looking, chubby built, and elegance. As a shy girl, unless it is the time for her to eat and drink, Bei Bei enjoys her own life as a panda in the deep of the shrub. So sometimes, it’s a little hard to find her in the greenest outdoor exhibition. In a word, she is absolutely a gentle girl.


Let Us Hide and Seek with Bei Bei.


Bei Bei: I’m here.


Eating Slowly


Bei Bei: Yammy!


Then, which one do you like, an active boy or a gentle girl? For me, I just choose PANDA!




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