Acrobats on the Tree
Date: 2019-07-22

More than 100kg in weight, and nearly 180cm in height, adult giant pandas are quite flexible rather than clumsy. Not only adult giant pandas but also cubs are good at balance. They seem to be acrobats especially when they are on the tree.


It is pretty normal to see an adult panda sleeping, lying, or relaxing on the tree in a leisure way. It looks like just a piece of cake to control a more-than-100kg body upon the tree.


Ai Bang: As the saying goes, you can see farther when you are in a higher place.


Qiao Qiao: Catching food on the tree is an essential skill for an acrobat.


Ji Li: Everything is balanced.


Xiao Yatou: Welcome to Cirque Du Panda!


For panda cubs, trees accompanied their childhoods. As future acrobats, they showe their talent on the tree when they are young.


Climbing to the Top






Huddling Up


With good sense of balance, giant pandas can enjoy their life on the tree, even on a slim branch. In the dense forest, trees are good friends of giant pandas. Although they are huge in body shape, they are good climber. Most of time, giant pandas enjoy sleeping on the tree which affords them a sense of safety. And during their daily life, they also like hanging upon the tree for the good view and environment.


So, are there any other tricks of these acrobats on the tree? Check it out next time when you see them!




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