Bamboo-Eating Master
Date: 2019-08-19

Juicy bamboo shoots, tender bamboo leaves, and strong bamboo stems, all can be chosen by giant pandas in different seasons. It is well known that bamboo is the main food of giant pandas. Every season their remarkable senses enable them to find the best bamboo parts to meet their nutritional requirements. Giant pandas have their own way to enjoy it. They are the true Bamboo-Eating Master.


Bamboo Leaves-Eating Master


Giant pandas have an efficient way to eat leaves: pick the bamboo leaves by mouth and put them in one side of their mouth for a certain amount, then grab them to eat together.


Pick the Bamboo Leaves by Mouth 


Put them in One Side of their Mouth 


Grab to Enjoy


Bamboo Stems-Eating Master


When giant pandas eat bamboo stems, they often peel the coat of bamboo stems with their front paws and eat the inner part. If the stem is a thick one, the panda will often break it open by mouth.




Break Open by Mouth and Peel the Coat


Break Open by Hands 


Bamboo Shoots-Eating Master


With higher protein, a more tender taste, bamboo shoots are giant pandas’ favorite food. Similar with eating bamboo stems, giant pandas pluck the coat of bamboo shoots by mouth and their front paws and eat the inner part. 



Eating Bamboo Shoots


Using these efficient ways to eat bamboo, giant pandas can eat more bamboo in a shorter time which enable them to save energy and do the other activities.





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