The Fairyland-like Giant Panda Kindergarten
Date: 2019-09-02

Talking about “fairy”, people can’t help recalling the TV series To the Sky Kingdom. The peach forest of miles in the TV series are as beautiful as a fairyland. But now, after being renovated and upgraded the Kindergarten at Sunshine Delivery House in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is as beautiful as the peach forest there, impressing us with a beautiful scene like a dream.


In this picture, you may have a feeling that you're going to make a big trip, but it's just a scene outside the playground at weekends.


Congratulations! You are lucky to approach the Giant Panda Kindergarten when you see the fairyland in the distance. Don't worry if you couldn’t see it clearly. Now I’ll take you at all-round 360 degrees to visit the upgraded playground.


The daily living environment of pandas are in sight when you pass the signpost “Giant Panda Kindergarten” and walk along a single circular path.


Jing Liang and Ni Ke are learning how to eat bamboos from Jing Jing.


The little chubby Jing Liang is on the frame, trying to climb over the large wooden frame.


The poor little wooden frame is used to grind Ni Na’s teeth.


The luxurious wooden frame is very useful, greatly enjoyed by the cubs.



Get closer and you can see the “Drinking”, “SPA” and “Entertainment” areas for pandas. Generally this is the place where visitors crowd. If you want to be personally on the scene, you need to wait patiently, slowly and quietly. Pandas like quietness. If you don’t want to always see panda’s bottom, please keep quiet and abandon flushing light.



Here, with a feel of entering a fairyland, I really want to play the Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water for you. Those stressful realities have already gone with the wind. Without sounds from panda eating bamboos, I would have fallen asleep in the sunshine.



The frame on the left side of the playground is enough for pandas to roll, play and clime. Next to it was a fake stone hole as a shelter from rains and a field for the game of “hide and seek”, so sometimes finding a panda is really a eyesight-challenging job.


Pandas“Zhi Ma” and “Tang Yuan” in a Little Tree


At Noon a Giant Panda Sleeping Soundly on the Frame



Now let's talk about the difference on the right side. I guess you can't find there is a giant panda in the picture. There are two large bamboos hung by a big rope on the playground, for which pandas have to make a little bit of effort to get food, but it’s not hard for them. With a loud noise and a cry, a bamboo had been “sacrificed”.



The giant panda and her babies are resting comfortably. It should be said that the mother panda has found a very good baby pillow, with great happiness on her face.


Some trees and shrubs have been planted during upgrading, bettering the visitors’ viewing experience and panda’s moving and climbing. The added spray has just simulated a misty environment as a shelter from haze in winter and sunstroke in summer, providing pandas with a high mountains liked habitat. Such an appropriate environmental change will also keep pandas fresh to the surroundings and enrich their daily life.




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