"Panda Class" in the Science and Technology Museum of Inner Mongolia
Date: 2019-11-20

On August 18, 2019, "Panda Class" was successfully held in the Science and Technology Museum of Inner Mongolia. More than 200 children and parents attended the lecture. 


The Science and Technology Museum


Children and parents attend the lecture


The hall was filled with children


The theme is "The Growth and Conservation of Giant Pandas". By describing the growth process of giant pandas, their current situation and conservation of giant pandas, together with pictures and videos, we presented a lively science course. Through the question-and-answer section, children’s awareness of panda conservation was promoted.


Panda Class


Listen to the lecture


Raise hands to answer questions.


Take part in “Panda Class”


Another theme was "The Past and Present Life of Giant Pandas". The Panda Foundation instructor shared the history, naming, evolution, diet and behavior training of giant pandas.


Another theme-- "The Past and Present Life of Giant Pandas"




The audience listens attentively


“Panda Class” was broadcasted live on the whole network through the live platform of the Science and Technology Museum. To date, more than 4000 people have watched the live broadcast through the network. Panda science knowledge was transmitted far, so that even more people could participate in the conservation of pandas!




Let's take a group photo.




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