New Students Of theKindergarten
Date: 2020-04-09

Back tolastspring,when the pandas from the class of 2016 successfully graduated from kindergarten,they went to different places andlived in different parks.  


Once the kindergarten class 1


Once the kindergartenclass 2


The kindergarten welcomed a new class of pandas,which moved from the Moonlight DeliveryHouse.Zhi Shi,Zhi Ma,Da Mei,Cheng Lan and Qing Qing formed a new cub park class 1.WhileJing Liang, Ni Ke, Ni Na and ZhenXifrom the SunshineDelivery Houseformed a cub garden class 2. The nine members of the 2017 class started their new lives in the nursery.


The new kindergarten class 1


The new kindergarten class 2


How were the new pandas getting along?


Not long after they moved here, the new pandas were still not accustomed to the new home, because they were sensitive to strange smells in the enclosure. The young pandas who just went out into the enclosure did not dare to go too far, they kept wandering in the doorway at first. Soon after, they were full of curiosity about the surrounding environment, and explored around carefully.


Pandas of class 1 hanging around at the door.


Zhi Shi was brave enough to climb onto the perch.


The pandas in class 1 began to eat bamboo.



Pandas of class 2 werehanging around at the door.


Ni Ke and Jing Liang drank water together.


Ni Na:It's a lot of fun here!



The pandas of class 2 began to eat bamboo together.


The kindergarten was very large and has many lush trees thatthecubs love to climb.They chose a suitable tree after their bamboo lunch, then climbed high, safelyabove everyone and wentto sleep.


Zhi Ma: Climb higher, see farther!


Zhi Shifound a good place to sleep.


Da Mei:It's a nice view up here.


Cheng Lan:This branch is a little too small. Oh, forget it. Just sleep.


The pandas of class 1 mainly stayed near the wooden perch and did not walk too far. But the pandas of class 2 seem to have more courage, the first two days they only dared to sleep in the tree near the door.However, these days they had gone to the depths of the enclosure and evenclimbed upa tree which only the olderpandas liked to sleep in, to seize the best position.


Zhen Xi: Hi,guys,come up to sleep. It's cool at the top


Pandasof class 2 were hanging from trees in a group.


The pandas of class 2 were wrestling for the "beds"


Zhen Xi:Did you secretly sleep in my bed? Brother Liang?


Ni Na: Oh,no,I'd better not socialize with them!


There were still many places for these newcubs to explore. Under the great care of the keeper, grandpa Tan, the new pandashad soon adaptedto the life of kindergarten. Hope theyhad a happy there!





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