Giant Pandas in Guangzhou Zoo
Date: 2020-04-22

Spring is a beautiful season, with young trees sprouting and fragrant flowers everywhere. In such a lovely season, giant pandas in Guangzhou Zoo also become more vigorous and lively.


When I arrived at the gate of Panda House, the first thing I see are the bamboo walls painted with giant pandas and glazed tiles shining in the sunlight.



The House is bright and clean. As soon as Ienter the house, Isee some popular science windows and panda food displays on both sides.


Panda Recipe Displays


The tunnel is not long. Soon, I see one panda , eating on a wooden bed.



Guess who I am?


It’s Xing Yi eating bamboo in the indoor room. he is a quiet and handsome male panda born in 2013. He weighs 110 kg now.


Eating on the wooden bed, Xing Yi looks like he is enjoying it.


After seeing the indoors rooms, Igo out to see another giant panda.Ya Yi is sitting leisurely in the swimming pool. This is a lovely female panda with round face.She weighs 101 kg.



Who is watching outside the enclosure? She is panda keeper from Chengdu, and she keeps an eye on giant pandas all the time. She says, “ It's very hot in Guangzhou in spring, so bamboo leaves will dry soon in the open air. Because of this, I will put less bamboo leaves out, but at a higher frequency. This way, the pandas can have fresh bamboo leaves at any time”.


In the panda enclosure, in addition to the regular wooden frames and swimming pool, I also see a swing, stones and other facilities.


Do you like my swing?


Have you seenbamboo pipes hangingbeside the treesin the playground? What are these pipes for? Panda keepers usually hide bamboo shoots, apples or panda bread in a pipe and let giant pandas find their own way to get food. This not only increases the difficulty of obtaining food for the giant panda, but also increases their activity.


Besides pipes, I also have a bamboo basket to practise my skills.


Another climbing frame is being built in the outdoor playground. As can be seen from the picture below, the wooden frames have been built. Now, the workers are tying the log with rough twine to avoid any nails or other sharp objects on it that might hurt the pandas.


The construction workers are very careful.


With the good care of Guangzhou Zoo, Xi Yi and Ya Yi live quite comfortable. At this point, I wish them a happy and healthy life all the time.






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