Fushun's Happy Life in the Kindergarten
Date: 2020-05-21

Not long ago, Mei Lan , Qi Yi, Xing Hui, Xing Fan, Fu Shun , Fu Lai, Jiao Ao, Shuang Xiong and Mao Tao moved to the kindergarten.


Let's take a look at them!


The enclosure is very wide, and the trees are very lush. Just after the arrival of Fu Shun, he likes to take the other cubs to visit the enclosure, find trees and climb the trees together. They happily eat bamboo shoots on the wooden frame. When thirsty, they drink in the pool. How lovely!


Fu Shun is looking around.


Fu Shun and Fu Lai are drinking.


Fu Shun is eating bamboo shoots.


Fu Shun、Fu Lai and Jiao Ao are eating bamboo shoots.


Fu Shun: I like climbing.


This tree is very comfortable.



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