Civilized Travel during the May Day Holiday
Date: 2020-05-28

Visitors have been unable to hold back their excitement because May Day holiday is coming! Now you can finally see the cute panda that you have been dreaming about day and night. But the pandas are worried about the holiday. What's the matter?


 "What should I do? May Day is coming again. I can't sleep !"


 "What's wrong with you, it's impossible for a panda to get insomnia !"


"Well, there will be a lot of tourists coming to see me. On holidays or when there are so many people, whenever I sleep soundly someone will always knock on the glass. They want me to raise my head and move around for them. If I wasn't so cute, maybe I could sleep well! Now that I've been woken up, please take a good picture for me , and remember do not turn on the flash, which can damage my eyes.”


In fact, there are a lot of signs for having civilized visits posted in the Panda Base. As long as we follow the instructions of the signs, we can see many cute pandas without disturbing their lives. Have all the visitors to the park noticed these signs?


1. No flash!



Giant pandas are born premature, their eyes will open after 45 days. Panda cubs are fragile, in order to protect their eyes, please do not use the flash. Flashes also disturb adult giant pandas so you should really never use one in the Panda Base.


Oh, my eyes!


2. I am the national treasure, I hate noise.



Giant panda’s ears are particularly sensitive. They have excellent hearing, so they like to live in a quiet environment. If the surrounding environment is too noisy, it will make the pandas nervous and seriously affect their daily life..


It's so noisy, I want to be somewhere that is quiet!


3. Do not feed.



Giant panda’s food is carefully provide by the keepers. Ninety-nine percent of a giant panda's diet is bamboo, they can become very sick if they eat anything else. If you bring a lot of delicious food, feed yourself instead of the pandas.


Bamboo shoots are healthy and nutritious.


4. Do not climb over railings.



Giant pandas look cute and adorable but they can be very fierce. Pandas have sharp claws and a strong bite, for the safety of you and the giant pandas, do not cross the railing.


I look cute but I'm fierce


5. Please keep a certain distance with the red panda, peacock and other animals, do not tease them.




6. No Smoking in the park!



7.Garbage bins can be found everywhere in the park. Please discard of the garbage by the correct category.




It is not hard to visit in a civilized manner, as long as we follow the instruction signs in the park. We can visit orderly, visit courteously, abide by the social morality, and maintain public order. If everyone follows the rules, our giant pandas can live happily and healthily in this environment!


May Day holiday, have you travelled in a civilized way?




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