Giant Pandas& Rain
Date: 2020-09-09

In July and August, the rain in Chengdu seems unwilling to stop. Now it's raining cats and dogs, soon the sun rises again , then comes a light rain. "Climbing Mt. Tai in the rain" is full of fun, so what will it be like to watch giant pandas in the rain? The question for many visitors is, "Will the pandas come out in the rain?"


The answer is yes. Yes! They will come out. Even when it's raining heavily, giant pandas will stroll around the playground.


Qi Cheng:”Right!The air is fresh on rainy days and I can lie on a wet wooden bed,It's cool in summer. ”


Qi Cheng:Well! The bamboo leaves are so green after the rain. I would rather not eat meat, but I can't live without bamboo.


Qi Cheng:" Pick a small leaf and continue my literary style, it's good to have rain. Don't you think so, my brother?”

Qi Hang: “Have fun, sister. I’ll go and play outside now.”


Qi Hang: I'll see if the trees are slippery after the rain


Qi Hang:I think lying in the hammock is very cool and refreshing after the rain


Qi Hang:It's nice to go up a tree on a rainy day and take a shower


Qi Hang:I am too comfortable to sleep ~ sister, do not bother me


This is the scene of the little sisters and brothers playing in the rain. As for rain, pandas are not worried, thanks to the thick fur on the panda's body. The average thickness of panda fur is about 5mm, and the thickest part can reach 10mm. Pandas also have rough thicker hair, like a "fishing line", which acts as a defense against the rain and snow. Wild giant pandas live on mountains 2500 - 3000 meters above sea level, therefore, in the light rain, if the outside temperature is not too high, people can still see pandas playing in outside yards even in the rain..


What about when it's raining hard?


It might look something like this


Ke Da:I'm not a coal miner!


There is rain in Mount Tai, full of fun, watching pandas in the rain, very interesting. Of course, if it's raining all the time, the smart pandas know to hide back in the "glass house", a special villa prepared for them. People can still see their lovely behavior through the glass.


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