Mei Lan, the Handsome Man of "Quiet"
Date: 2020-09-23

There is such a giant panda in the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, whose beauty is extraordinary and refined and light and gentle. He was born on September 6, 2006 in Zoo Atlanta, United States, and is Lun Lun and Yang Yang's first cub - Mei Lan .


The beauty of Atlanta


Mei Lan is the eldest son of Lun Lun and is loved by his mother. When Mei Lan climbed trees, his mother followed under the tree and was very nervous. Mei Lan was his mother’s favorite cub. Whether he ate or slept, he was inseparable from his mother.


Sweetheart (picture from the Internet)


Mei Lan, who was born and raised in the United States, could not understand Chinese when he first returned to China. He also preferred "western food" (American high-fiber animal biscuits) to the home-made "Chinese food" provided by the Panda Base (panda bread). With the keeper's continuous efforts, after a period of time, Mei Lan not only learned Chinese, but also learned to love panda bread and ate "Chinese food" just like the other pandas in the Base.


eat happily


He loves panda bread.


Mei Lan inherited the characteristics of his parents, such as a round head and fluffy face. Mei Lan is beautiful, gentle and elegant. He likes to be quiet. He eats slowly and walks slowly. Because of an error indentifying his gender at birth, he was raised as a girl at Zoo Atlanta. Giant panda fans used to called him "elder sister". Due to his beauty, elegance and high popularity, he was selected as the WWF “earth hour” global ambassador.


Handsome boy


A captivating smile


soft body


Behave elegantly


Walking slowly


Smelling flowers


Light and gentle


Quite and handsome boy


Most of the time, Mei Lan is very quiet, the common Chinese saying that "the man bears  more than one side", is true in this case, he can also be lively and dynamic. Sometimes he also is a little bit grumpy, with the same masculine nature as other male pandas.





Who dares to call me sister?





Mei Lan, the former pride of Atlanta, when as a cub Lun Lun always held him in her arms is now a father. He is the sire of ” Qi", “Meng” "Si", "Xing", "Ji", "Fu". Even though he was born in the USA Mei Lan has become a genuine Chengdu panda living at No. 2 Enclosure. Like a local from  Chengdu, he likes to stay in the shade and enjoy the leisurely and comfortable life.




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