Ya Zhu’s Hobby
Date: 2021-07-14
 As one of the most popular "netizens" of the class 2016, Ya Zhu, the giant panda, has been popular since her childhood.She has big ears, long eye circles, and a short, thick nose that has always been loved by her fans because of her recognizability. In addition, Ya Zhu is cheerful and lively, a little bit "maniacal", she has a rough and tumble personality and sheloves to eat and sleep.Thismakes people think that this year's "netizens" are so down-to-earth.
When it comes to eating and sleeping, it's hard not to talk about the awkward feeling Ya Zhu has experienced since she was a little girl. As a girl, she has always been a bit large since childhood, surpassing her twin sister, Ya Yun, by a huge margin! Sitting to eat, lying down to eat, leaning on a buddy to eat unlockinga variety of new eating moves are also all symbols of Ya Zhu.

Fresh bamboo that's so good taste!

The little tree that forks in the playground is Ya Zhu's after-dinner treat.

As a foodie, Ya Zhu, loves to be surrounded by bamboo and eating it leisurely!

The cute little Ya Zhu with white teeth

If you're tired of eating, just go exercise and then pick and scratch your feet!

She’s so smart when she is eating.
Now, we all know what Ya Zhu's favorite hobby is!

Compared with the other two foodies in No.1 Panda Enclosure, Ya Zhu will be the pickiest and most hungry without doubt.
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