Handsome Nick
Date: 2021-11-18

Ni Ke, the giant panda which is the cub of Nini is the elder twin brother of Nina. With a bright and lively personality, and with white hair on his front left palm, Nick is an easily recognizable panda. Now, more than three-years-old, Nick has grown into a graceful little bear. Next, please follow the author to see him on the perch or in the pool !


On the perch, Nick sits or lies down, and looks calm and collected.


Sitting on a perch


 Reclining on his perch and enjoying a pleasant afternoon


When the temperature rises, the pool becomes a good place to go, and the bath becomes a very good way to cool down the temperature.


Water murmur, Nick’s heart was yearning for the pool


 Quiet bath time


Nick: Can you recognize me by my back?


And as a senior food lover, Nick is often seen holding bamboo shoots in his paws.


Nick: Which one to eat first? This is a problem.


Nick and his sister Nina look similar. Can you identify them in the picture below?


It's time to find out, Nina on the left and Nick on the right!


After eating, Nick felt sleepy and fell asleep.


Sleep soundly


Look at the handsome Nick, have you found the iconic white hair on his front left palm ?


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