A glimmer of winter beauty
Date: 2021-12-16

At this moment in the Panda Base, the ginkgo leaves everywhere are letters written to the trees in a timed sequence. while the golden veins are like the lines in a letter, telling the winter that the winter is coming. If the blooming rose is a whisper in the cold wind, then the graceful demeanor of the giant panda Zhen Xi, against the backdrop of the tree, is a glimmer of winter beauty.


Zhen Xi-- Zhenxi, The princess of Sichuan Airlines


Zhen Xi's mother is a famous panda, Qi Zhen. In 2018, the panda named "Zhen Xi" was adopted by Sichuan Airlines and officially named "San You". What surprises will she bring to us in the winter? Let's go see her together!


Between clear green and fuzzy orange


Not fearing that the floating clouds will obscure my  vision


She rests behind the lonely parasol tree


Waiting in the twilight


Get some fresh air


Warm sunshine, sunny mood.


Excellent balance ability



It seems that this winter is colder than previous years. However, the full vitality of giant panda Zhen Xi has added some brightness to this winter. If you also want to feel the beauty of winter in the strong cold wind, you might as well arrange your own itinerary and come to the Panda Base to see the lovely Princess of Sichuan Airlines!



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