The handsome panda "International Shun"
Date: 2021-12-23

Surely everyone is familiar with the famous "International Shun"! This is Fu Shun, who became famous in 2016 when he first appeared in a photo called “the head upside down”at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. . After growing up, and because of his handsome face and good personality, numerous online fans of the panda world know him as Leung Chiu-wai.

Fu Shun lives in No. 2 villa in the Panda Base with his younger brother Mao Dou, who is a few days younger than him. He eats well every day and sleeps soundly. Look, Fu Shun has turned on the cute mode, we only need to focus the camera on him now ...
Fu Shun, enjoys a basket of bamboo shoots, feels like a billionaire.
Eating bamboo feels like getting rich overnight
He laughs while eating, is it so happy to eat alone?
For foodies like Fu Shun, eating a basket of bamboo shoots takes a matter of minutes. Now, the bamboo shoots in the basket have all been eaten. He stuck out his tongue very contentedly, and raised his hand to Mao Dou, who is sitting on the other side eating bamboo shoots, "Hey, brother, I'm done! Hurry up!"
Empty bamboo basket, empty hands
Tell my brother, I have finished eating! 
Oops, many people are filming me and watching me eat, I'm shy.
I still have the juice of bamboo shoots on my hand... I’ll lick it
Licking my mouth 
Finished licking... pictures time.
Sleeping time
Special introduction: Since 2017, the Chengdu Research Foundation for Giant Panda Breeding has used Internet celebrity giant pandas such as Oreo, Qi Yi, Fu Shun, Cheng Shi and Ya Zhu as the prototype design of the "Panda Doll with Stories". This opened a new chapter in the panda doll family, and the "doll family" continued to add new members. There are now 18 members. Who are the members? If you want to know more, you can click on the dedicated page of "Panda dolls with stories" for more details:
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