The beauty of Cheng Feng
Date: 2021-12-02

The famed beauty of giant pandas can make everyone smile. If you observe Cheng Feng carefully, you will feel the unparalleled beauty of our national treasure.


Like other giant pandas, Cheng Feng has a large head and strong chewing muscles, which give her a powerful bite. While she’s chewing, her beauty is gradually revealed.


White teeth




Whether resting, walking or sitting quietly in a tree, Cheng Feng beautiful. At this point, you can see the beauty hidden in her gentle temperament.




She smiles and looks forward


When in the tree, the beauty of Cheng Feng is displayed in her changeable posture.


Smart eyes


Bright Eyes




Enjoy it


Beauty makes the world more multifaceted. In the process of looking for beauty, we will see the world in more diverse ways. To be good at discovering beauty, we need not only a pair of eyes, but also a clear heart. So, after observing the giant panda Cheng Feng, are you deeply moved by her beauty?



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