Panda's year-end summary—“panda eating” and ”panda lying”
Date: 2022-01-20
 Since the advent of the "We Media" era, anyone, any picture, and any state has a performance platform, and pandas are no exception. The year-end summary for pandas is the word "eat", because everyone is very familiar with the "lazy" eating posture and image of the "glutinous rice dumpling", (one of the pandas many nicknames) with fat into a round ball. 
Regarding the posture of eating, lying down is necessary:

After lying down and eating milk, he feels satisfied
Sitting down to eat is also good:

Mao Zhu and Mao Sun are happily eating the panda cake
The less familiar “stand and eat”:

Stand there and savor the delicious cake regardless of everything

Qi Qiao uses his all of his paws to eat
If you ask pandas what else they have done this year, they must answer “lying down in various positions to sleep”!

Best sleeping position of the year

The strangest sleeping position of the year

The sweetest sleeping position of the year

The most comfortable sleeping position of the year

The above is a summary of the life of the panda this year. It seems that there is only eating and lying down, but don't underestimate the "panda eating" and "panda lying", which contains a scientific "secret". The pandas lying and eating are related to their digestion,. Because the digestibility and absorption efficiency of the hard crude fiber contained in bamboo is low,   pandas must use these two methods save energy.


Therefore, the seemingly simple "panda eating" and "panda lying" are actually an evolutionary epic of survival, which is very useful for pandas.
Long Bang:“Stop bragging. This year, apart from eating and sleeping, we also love to play......”
 I'm not talking with you, I will finish the sweet bamboo shoots in front of me first.”
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