Qi Yi and her good friend Fu Lai
Date: 2022-01-26
 On a warm spring day, Qi Yi, a famous online star in villa 2, and her niece and good friend Fu Lai came to the playground early, because they knew that the panda keepers had already prepared their favorite "delicious food" bamboo shoots for them, so they could have a good meal.
 Why do pandas like to eat bamboo shoots? Because of its tender tissue, high water content, good palatability, easy digestion and absorption. Shoots are fresh and juicy, and are the favorite delicacy of giant pandas.
 Look! With a round fat bottom and a handful of silly hair on the top of her head, who lies on the bamboo basket, back to us and can't stop eating, it is Qi Yi! Fu Lai sitting next to her is much more elegant than Qi Yi. She chews and swallows the bamboo shoots in one hand and enjoys their sweetness and delicious flavor.
Qi Yi and Fu Lai are eating delicious food
 Qi Yi is especially hungry. She not only eats a lot, but also eats a long time. Her round body is really full. After eating the bamboo shoots in the basket, sister Fu Lai began to take a nap and have a half-time break ,while  Qi Yi immediately transferred to the field to start the second round of eating!
Fulai: I'm tired. I'll have a half-time break!
Qi Yi: I continue to eat
Qi Yi: who calls me fat? Anyway, keep eating
  Fu Lai woke up in a dream and found that she had a little bit of food left. She was no longer sleepy. She immediately began to eat bamboo shoots. But at this time, Qi Yi became a troublemaker, with a small full belly and didn't let her niece Fu Lai  concentrate on eating.
Fu Lai is eating bamboo shoots seriously
The troublemaker appeared
Qi Yi: Niece, come and play with me!
Qi Yi is very clever and sensible sometimes. She knows that her niece  Fu Lai hasn't eaten enough for a day, so she silently sits not far from her and supervises her. Although they are the same age, Fu Lai is her niece, which makes it seem like Qi Yi has the demeanor of elders. Do you love such a panda like this?
Qi Yi: Fu Lai needs to eat well to grow like me!
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