Giant panda and snowman
Date: 2022-02-04

On January 7, 2021, it snowed in Chengdu for a whole day. The next morning, the view of the whole Panda Base  could be described as a forest wrapped in silver.  Many people said that they have not seen such a scene for many years. Everyone was so happy!




Giant pandas must have had some fun on this day. In the morning, the two keepers in the Giant Panda Villa No. 2 were busy turning the collected snow into a snowman. This is a special gift they prepared for the pandas in this area today. I remember looking forward to seeing them receive their gifts and any special reactions to the them.


The lonely snowman is ready

The little snowman was made and waited for the protagonists to play. First up, slowly approaching was Qi Yi, who is one of the celebrity pandas with a tuft of hair on his head. Then there was Fu Shun, Fu Lai and Mao Dou. At the time, they are all about four years old. They all went to the snowman one after another. Maybe they could feel the existence of the snowman!

Qi Yi took the lead and walked straight towards the snowman

When they all came out, everyone noticed that today was not the usual day. There was a little person who was whiter than any of the pandas. Qi Yi looked at it and smelled that the snowman had the scent of apple, so he ate the nose of the snowman, which was indeed made of apple and then took a detour to eat fresh bamboo. The other three giant pandas began to study the snowman in depth, and they all got closer to see what happened. One accidentally broke off the snowman’s head, now everyone started to notice that this guest was so soft and  fragile. Fu Shun looked extremely excited, and he gave the snowman a big hug. The snowman instantly turned into a puddle of snow. Fu Shun was covered with snow, and he was much whiter than her other friends.

Here is an apple!
What’s your name?
No scent?
Why did the snowman break up?
Fu Shun: Am I whiter?
Fu Shun: roll in the snow and turn white
Fu Shun: Instant whitening, the effect is really good!

After crazy play, every one returned to their normal life-eating bamboo and enjoying the happiness brought by food. The timely snow in 2021 is believed to be a symbol of hope and beauty in everyone's heart. I wish people stay safe from the epidemic, and for world peace and harmony between man and nature!

Fu Shun: We’re all looking forward to seeing the snowman again!


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