Visit giant pandas on Tomb-Sweeping Day
Date: 2022-04-01

Tomb-Sweeping Day is also known as an "outing day", because it’s a good opportunity to go out and get close to nature in the renewal of all things in Spring. As a living fossil, our national treasure, the giant panda will emit what kind of unique natural beauty during such lovely days?


 Da Mei likes to climb to the tree tops to have a better view.


 Da Mei: It takes a lot of flexibility to practice my yoga here. Don’t you agree? 


 Cheng Lan is a ginkgo leaves eater.


 Jiao Ao is having a meditation on the tree.


Qing Qing is chewing a ginkgo branch.


Being good at climbing trees and loving to climb trees is not only the instinct of giant pandas, but also one of the skills that enable them to avoid enemies in a crisis. 


 Yuan Yue likes to smell bamboo first before eating it.


 Zhi Zhi is about to finish her lunch.


Giant pandas are also called the "bamboo forest recluses". There is an inextricable link between bamboo and giant pandas from the ancient times. Evolving to eat mainly bamboo has helped giant pandas survive for millions of years: Bamboo is easy to find  and it grows through all four seasons. In the habitat of giant pandas, while other animals eat bamboo, it is so plentiful the competition is relatively small. As long as people do not over harvest bamboo  and comply with nature, bamboo can continue to thrive naturally.

Trees, bamboo and giant pandas, evolved in perfect harmony together. The outing season is the time to watch everything grow and thrive. When we are filled with fear over the condition of the environment, , maybe we can appreciate the connection between giant pandas and people in this noisy world, and find a little peace of soul.

As a living fossil of nature, giant pandas have survived  since ancient times, we firmly believe that they will also lead to a better future.




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