The taste of plants and trees
Date: 2022-04-14
   Wang Zengqi once wrote in "The Grass and Trees on Earth": "Be sure to love something, just as plants love time." With love, the future can be expected. As we all know, giant pandas love to eat bamboo, climb trees, and sleep. For He Ye, who was born in July 2020, he is not old enough to eat bamboo, but loves to taste plants and trees.
He Ye came out to find food after the rain.
He Ye: Actually, I am a little gourmet eater!
    What do the plants and trees taste like? He Ye is curious about the surrounding environment and has his own experience exploring.
Take a bite of the verdant branches
He Ye: Good mouth, chew a twig is not a problem!
He Ye: sticks and leaves together, perhaps, are more delicious!
   Sometimes, in order to taste new plants, He Ye will overcome many difficulties, until it is achieved.
Find the target
Overcoming "obstacles"
Nibbled on a small stick
   Sometimes, the naughty He Ye will taste the trees from different angles.
 Lying down and nibbling wood on the platform
Sitting down and nibbling the wood on the platform
Change direction and continue to nibble
   The taste of plants and trees, and there fragrance is interesting. He Ye is growing up with the process of taste. Perhaps, for him, the taste of plants and trees is also full of joy of growth!
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