Carefree Yayun
Date: 2022-09-26
Yayun's "fat" is well known as  “pig” in the panda industry. However, Yayun is not worried about her increasing weight. She is not afraid of her "pig" eyes. She is more and more vigorous on the road of "eating". It seems that the life of Yayun has never had trouble. Five years later, she is still the carefree "Yun Pig".
 Yayun is usually quiet. When eating on the perch, she often chooses an insignificant corner. To be a "pig" means to eat bamboo seriously.
image001 (2).jpg
Yayun: the time to excite the "pig" heart has finally come – dinner time!
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 Yayun: as an elegant girl, you should always pay attention to your appearance and wipe your mouth after eating bamboo.
When Yayun sits on the "bamboo mountain and bamboo shoot sea", it seems that migrant workers have 100 million.
image005 (2).jpg
Yayun: Delicious bamboo leaves, beautiful mood.
image007 (2).jpg
 Yayun: Eat, drink, "pig" life no worries from now on.
 When the weather is fine, Yayun doesn't forget to blow the wind while eating bamboo and watch the sunlight rushing through the leaves.
image009 (2).jpg
 Yayun: the wind blows through the forest and quietly turns green.
Wind blowing through the forest, quietly turned green.
image011 (2).jpg
  Yayun: at the moment, the sunshine is soft and the mood is peaceful.
  Yayun is also a giant panda supported by donations from Oriental Kid's Art for life. At the adoption ceremony, it was officially named "Tong Huahua". Here, I sincerely wish the lovely Yayun's a happy life and that she stays carefree forever!
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