Front view of Hehua
Date: 2022-10-06

Hehua is a highly recognizable giant panda, with thick black eye circles that are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, like two upside-down and left-right symmetrical commas written with a brush. Her muzzle is slightly pointed, as if a smile is always blooming. Her big round head is sending out lovely signals all the time, just one glance is enough to capture your heart. Let’s go to appreciate her "prosperous beauty" through the photos of Hehua!

A beautiful "flower" should also be lined with green leaves. When a few small green leaves cover the face of Hehua, a thin layer of hazy beauty will make people inadvertently deeply moved.


The hidden beauty
As a "curious baby", even if she is nibbling on a twig, Hehua doesn't forget to look left and right.
Hehua is looking around
 When Hehua is quiet, if you observe her from far or near, you will find that she is "moving in stillness", and there is a hint of playfulness and agility in her soft face.
 "Bulky," "chubby," and "fuzzy" are probably the only cute words to describe Hehua when  she is playing by the pool and on the rocks. I wonder if this little "flower" will disturb the clear dream of a pool of autumn water at this time?
Looking at the photos of Hehua, I wonder if this soft and waxy little "flower" is also blooming in your heart?
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