Bao Lan and her cub Bao Xin
Date: 2022-12-05

Bao Xin, the giant panda, is about to turn one year old, and he spends most of the time with his mother Bao Lan. Bao Lan's love for Bao Xin cannot be put in words, but is expressed by accompanying her. When the sky is clear, or when the rain falls, when the wind blows and when the clouds disperse Bao Xin is always with him mother. Sometimes mother and son don't do anything at all, and they spend a long time together in a daze.





Bao Xin is playing with his mother



They are eating together




Bao Lan teaches Bao Xin how to eat bamboo 



 Bao Xin is sleeping in mother's arms



 Having a meal together


  Every panda cub is born with a big difference in size from its mother. This is because the embryo of giant pandas has a physiological phenomenon of delayed implantation. In addition to giant pandas, other bears like polar bears, American black bears and sun bears also have the phenomenon of delayed embryo implantation. The giant panda has grown from a small cub to a large bear. In addition to showing the incredible life of mother nature, it also seems to be telling the panda mother's hardships in raising a cub.


New friends who like Bao Lan and her cubs can come and see them during their spare time. It's really nice to be able to be with mom all the time.

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